GVFL launches Xcelerate program for Seed Stage Startups in Health, Food & Agri Sectors

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The Program is a 3-month intensive initiative to provide startups in Health, Food and Agri-tech sectors a perfect launchpad.

GVFL, the pioneer of venture capital in India, has collaborated with Marwari Catalysts, a category-specific leading startup accelerator, to launch the Xcelerate Program, a 3-month intensive initiative aimed at empowering startups in Gujarat and providing an exceptional launchpad to them.

The partnership will focus on nurturing and exponentially scaling seed-stage companies in the Health, Food, and Agri-tech sectors in the region.

The 3-month acceleration program will enable selected startups to receive guidance and mentorship from experienced founders and industry experts and a significant initial investment of Rs. 75 lakh   to    Rs. 2.50 crore, providing the necessary capital to fuel growth.

Speaking about the collaboration, Kamal Bansal, Managing Director of GVFL, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Xcelerate Program in partnership with Marwari Catalysts. Gujarat is brimming with entrepreneurial talent and is home to one of the largest and most vibrant startup ecosystems in the country. The Xcelerate Program is designed to catalyse the growth of promising startups in important sectors. We believe that with our expert mentorship, substantial investment opportunities, and extensive network, we can empower these startups to drive innovation and economic development in Gujarat and beyond.”

Sushil Sharma, Founder & CEO of MCats, says, “By joining forces with GVFL, we are not only enhancing opportunities for startups but also collectively empowering the startup ecosystem in Gujarat. The Xcelerate Program represents a unique synergy of Marwari Catalysts’’ passion for nurturing entrepreneurial talent and GVFL’s legacy of building successful businesses.”

Among other comprehensive benefits, selected startups and entrepreneurs will also get an opportunity to connect with potential investors who can provide additional funding and support for them. Moreover, a supportive community of over 100+ entrepreneurs and co-founders will provide a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and peer-to-peer learning to the startups.

The startups will gain access to a network of industry professionals who can offer industry-specific knowledge and guidance, and resources and tools that can help them scale their business effectively.

To apply for the Xcelerate Program and take the first step towards accelerating your startup’s growth, please apply here: (

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