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Husband is 6 inches shorter than his wife! People make jokes but remain happy like this


There is a woman whose height is shorter than her husband. The height of the woman is five feet seven inches and that of her husband is five feet one inch. People make fun of both but the woman is very happy with her husband.

Everyone likes tall men. If women are asked what should be the height of their husband? So most women will answer that the length of their husband should be more than them, then many will answer that the height of the husband should be equal to them. But there is also a woman whose husband’s height is six inches less than that. Despite her husband’s short height, this woman is very happy and is enjoying her married life. Giving an interview, the woman told that people make fun of both of them many times but she does not pay attention to them all. Who is this woman and how did the two get married? Now know about this.

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