iMerit Launches AI Data Solution for Content Moderation and Community Management in Video Game Industry

iMerit Launches AI Data Solution for Content Moderation and Community Management in Video Game Industry

iMerit, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) data solutions company, today announced a data intelligence solution purpose built to help video game industry creators build more effective AI-based content moderation and community management systems. iMerit’s data intelligence solution for video game creators enables studios to better serve their communities by building sophisticated automated speech recognition (ASR) models that conduct sentiment analysis to improve player safety and experience.  

iMerit’s data intelligence solution for the video game industry delivers custom developed tooling for AI and ML teams to build more effective ASR and player behavior classification models. iMerit’s highly-trained team of skilled annotation experts deliver human-in-the-loop model verification workflows, enabling AI teams to build sophisticated systems that fine tune content moderation models on contextual nuances. This highly scalable solution enables studios to better understand nuanced gaming language, player intent, and terminology, giving them greater player oversight for maintaining positive gaming environments. 

“Having robust community and communication within video games is a major factor in helping game studios achieve rapid growth and retention. However, fostering a healthy community at scale can be a challenge. As studios turn to AI to better understand and flag gamer behavior, they require better data to ensure the models work as intended. iMerit provides the rich data that enables game studios’ AI models to perform more effectively and deliver a superior experience for players and better growth for studios,” said Radha Basu, co-founder and CEO, iMerit. 
For more information on how iMerit leverages technology, talent, and technique to help AI and machine learning teams around the world manage and annotate data to ensure faster time to market and stronger ROI, please visit

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