Kingdom of Momos Opens Doors in Five New Places Adds a dozen new menu items to the hunger plates

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the Kingdom of Momos, the heart of Indo-Chinese cuisine in India has opened its door in five new places in Jammu & Kashmir, Hubli (Karnataka), Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh), and Haryana. The brand has been reigning in the north part of India, and now it is all set to expand in West and South India because of the overwhelming number of queries and demands.

Launched in 2017, Kingdom Of Momos is one of India’s fastest-growing Indo-Oriental cuisine brands. The brand offers a delectable array of Chinese snacks with exquisite flavors and inventive recipes to tantalize taste buds. Founded by aspiring Entrepreneurs Amit Kasana, Pushpender Kaushik, and Bhupender Singh, the brand had an incredible growth story. 

On the launch of new outlets, Mr. Rajat Dogra (Co-founder and Spokesperson at the Kingdom of Momos) said “The demand from the southern areas was rising with every passing day, so the Kingdom Of Momos decided to grant the wish of its lovers, but the journey wasn’t an easy one. The most difficult challenge faced was informing and training franchise partners about the benefits of recipe uniformity and the value they will receive in terms of quality and higher sales. However, once we were able to showcase this, it became very easy to move forward.”

The Kingdom of Momos offers delicious food and warm hospitality combined to make your dining experience exciting and memorable. The Kingdom Of Momos is always adding new dishes to its menu every month.

Talking about future expansion plans, the founders said- “ The business has developed dramatically in recent years, with 45 locations in the first quarter of the financial year 2022. We want to be a 100 outlet brand by next year, out of these 60% are likely to be in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We market ourselves by focusing on local influencers, using social media and PR, and promoting word of mouth from our thousands of satisfied consumers. We can offer very low costs to both our franchisees and our end customers because of our centralised procurement and production. At the outlet level, this results in a lot of repeat business.”

Food and beverage consumption varied dramatically in response to the outbreak and subsequent lockdowns. Following Covid, the market was saturated by cloud kitchens and subscription models. They have been especially beneficial for small food enterprises because of the low entry barrier. In terms of assuring food and packaging quality, they still have a long way to go. Customers who haven’t visited their physical locations and rely solely on digital marketing will continue to exert ongoing pressure. The founder added- “It is critical to go digital to improve. It expedites the processing of purchases and payments while also keeping track of clients and their preferences. Quick delivery has become popular recently. We’re also making it easier for our cooks to turn around cuisine faster to meet rising customer demands.”

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