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Kioxia, Aerospike Collaborate to Boost Database Application Performance

Kioxia, Aerospike Collaborate to Boost Database Application Performance

Testing Demonstrates Significant Improvements with Software and Storage Class Memory Capabilities

Kioxia Corporation today announced that it has collaborated with Aerospike to enhance Aerospike Server Community Edition database – resulting in a 36 % increase in application performance compared with the original software without the enhancement by Kioxia. Testing was performed with KIOXIA FL6 Series enterprise NVMe™ Storage Class Memory (SCM) SSDs with a software enhancement developed by Kioxia.

The Aerospike database is optimized to run on flash memory and SSD devices and is capable of providing high throughput and low latency on flash memory.

Featuring Kioxia’s SCM solution, XL-FLASH™, the PCIe® 4.0 and NVMe 1.4 -compliant KIOXIA FL6 Series SSDs bridge the gap between DRAM and TLC-based drives, making them well-suited to latency-sensitive use cases such as caching layer, tiering and write logging. Currently, in mass production, dual-port KIOXIA FL6 Series drives deliver high endurance (60 DWPD) and are available in capacities up to 3,200 GB.

Detailed Aerospike testing results will be presented during Kioxia’s keynote address at the Flash Memory Summit on August 2.

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