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Lacework Brings Its CNAPP Solution To Google Cloud’s Chronicle Security Operations

Lacework Brings Its CNAPP Solution To Google Cloud’s Chronicle Security Operations

New integration provides SOC teams with rich cloud context they need to detect and investigate threats in the cloud

Lacework, the data-driven cloud security company, today announced a new integration with Google Cloud’s Chronicle Security Operations, bringing its cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) capabilities to Chronicle deployments. By tapping into rich multicloud runtime alerts from the Lacework Polygraph Data Platform, organisations using Chronicle Security Operations gain better insight into cloud threats, helping them understand, respond to, and remediate incidents more effectively than ever before. Lacework fully integrates multicloud runtime telemetry with Chronicle Security Operations.

SOC teams that rely on legacy security solutions, which are based on static, manually-written rules, can’t keep up with the rate and scale of changes in cloud environments. They are then forced to spend an increasing amount of analyst time and energy sifting through an overwhelming volume of low-context alerts. SOC teams need a modern threat management solution that can keep up with the constantly changing nature of the cloud, and allows them — and their company overall — to operate and innovate effectively at scale.

With this integration, organisations using Chronicle Security Operations can now access runtime alerts and anomalous activity from multicloud environments, generated by the Lacework Polygraph Data Platform. The Lacework Polygraph Data Platform uses automation to provide teams with an improved signal-to-noise ratio compared to traditional solutions that are not built for the cloud, without the need for manual intervention. The addition of these high-context alerts allows SOC teams to quicken investigation and remediation, and closes the gap between SOC and security teams by embedding Lacework into security playbooks.

“Enterprises transforming their security strategies for the cloud require technologies that easily deliver comprehensive visibility across their multicloud environments,” Sunil Potti, VP/GM of Security, Google Cloud. “Lacework’s integration with Chronicle Security Operations enables organisations to detect and address the right threats via contextual insights that matter the most across their diverse environments.”

Key capabilities of this integration include:

  • Anomaly detections from Lacework, including the cloud control plane, audit logs, cloud, and container instances for Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure are all shared with Chronicle Security Operations.
  • Using Chronicle’s Universal Data Model parsers, customers can easily onboard this integration within their existing Chronicle instance.
  • Customers will be able to create automation, orchestration and response playbooks using Chronicle SOAR to quickly react to and address issues.

“Cloud threats are only becoming more sophisticated over time, so it’s critical for security teams to have the right context to make the right decisions to remediate issues quickly,” said Jay Parikh, co-CEO, Lacework. “Through our continued partnership with Google Cloud, we’re making it easier for joint customers to take advantage of the richness of Lacework data so they can get a better understanding of what’s happening across their multicloud environments and continue to innovate with confidence.”

The Lacework integration with Chronicle Security Operations will be available to organisations via Google Cloud Marketplace.

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