Maharashtra sees the highest users of Elixia’s tech-enabled logistics services for three consecutive years.

Maharashtra sees the highest users of Elixia’s tech-enabled logistics services for three consecutive years.
  • 175% business growth for Elixia Tech Solutions in FY 21-22 for Maharashtra  
  • FMCG and Pharmaceutical industries have provided the highest growth  rate for Elixia’s tech-enabled logistics services 
  • Elixia’s consumer base in Maharashtra has increased by 2.2x during FY  21-22

Elixia Tech Solutions, a leading incubator of high-end  technological innovations in the field of supply chain, recorded a business  growth of 175% in the state of Maharashtra for FY 2021-2022. Despite the  Covid pandemic, the technology stalwart has been showing buoyant growth  for Maharashtra state since FY 2019- 20. Apart from robust business growth,  Elixia has also clocked a 2.2x increase in its customer numbers in the said  region in FY 2021-22. 

The escalated demand for FMCG goods and pharmaceuticals during the  pandemic led to entities from these industries demanding tech-led logistical support. The same has given rise to technological innovations in the logistics  sector. With its technological prowess, Elixia was suitably placed to leverage its  strengths and provide much-needed tech support to help the logistics sector  overcome the new challenges posed by the pandemic and the consequent  lockdowns, etc.  

Technology’s significant role in logistics and the supply chain sector have strengthened Elixia’s future prospects. Speaking on its business performance,  Elixia Tech Solutions’ Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Sanket Sheth said,  “Maharashtra’s State Government has made recent and significant  investments towards improving the state’s fragmented logistics sector. It has  resulted in the state emerging as a pivotal hub for supply chain operations.  Elixia has responded enthusiastically to the moves by leveraging them. With  our tech-based services, we have taken full advantage and registered robust  business growth.” Further, Mr. Seth added that “technological intervention will  boost and strengthen the state and India’s logistics segment.”

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