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Mirabai Chanu of 4 feet 11 inches used to train even after pain, such training to lift 201 kg


Mirabai Chanu of India won the gold medal in the 49 kg weightlifting category on the second day of the Commonwealth Games 2022. He trained very hard to win the medal. What exercises did she do to make her body strong? You will know about this in the article.

Mirabai Chanu won India’s first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022 in the 49 kg category of women’s weightlifting. He lifted 88 kg in snatch and put a best effort of 113 kg in clean and jerk. That is, Mirabai lifted a total of 201 kg.

There are two types of weight lifting in the weightlifting competition. The first is a clean and jerk and the second is a snatch. It is very difficult to lift weight in both these ways. If a little technical goes wrong, it can cause serious injury. During training, the country’s daughter Mirabai also had pain in her body, but she did not stop practicing. How was Mirabai’s training? How did he work? It is also important to know this so that people can be motivated by their hard work and dedication.

There was pain in the body, still used to train

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