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Putin’s family, who threatened the Third World War, had suffered the tyranny of Hitler’s forces

Putin’s family, who threatened the Third World War, had suffered the tyranny of Hitler’s forces

Vladimir Putin’s childhood passed in the miseries born of the Second World War, and in his youth he became a silent witness to the merger of the USSR. The father was forced to become a soldier. The elder brother died of illness and without food in the Siege of Leningrad. Mother used to run the family by working in the factory. Nani was killed by Nazi forces and Mama disappeared on the border.

Open chest… Hunter look… Sometimes fishing and sometimes hunting, sometimes horse riding in the deserted jungles of Serbia. This casual appearance is of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Putin, in his official avatar in the Kremlin, is a tough administrator. Between 2013 and 2016, he was named the most powerful person in the world by Forbes four times.

In February this year, when he ordered Russian troops to attack Ukraine, the world was shocked. Now this fight has come to such a point where Putin is furious after the attack on Crimea Bridge. On Putin’s orders, the Russian military has showered missiles on Ukraine and has threatened nuclear strikes if needed. In recent days, senior Russian officials, including Putin, have indicated that the Kremlin is preparing to use nuclear weapons in this war. On Thursday, Russia again said that if Ukraine joins NATO, its move will turn into a third world war.

The story of Putin joining the club of the world’s most powerful people from an ordinary boy, whose warning has swelled the hands and feet of the Western powers and America, is very exciting.

Putin was not born in any royal family or in the family of any Russian Tsar, he belongs to a very simple family. During the Second World War, Putin’s father was forcibly recruited into the Russian army. His family had suffered the oppression of Hitler’s forces.

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