Save Now Buy Later platform Multipl offers best savings on MakeMyTrip flight bookings

Save Now Buy Later platform Multipl offers best savings on MakeMyTrip flight bookings

The Republic day special deal offers 7.5% discount on flight bookings

Flights and vacations are a break from routine and a harbinger of good times. As the country celebrates its 74th Republic day, the World’s first Save Now Buy later platform Multipl in collaboration with Make My Trip is offering massive discounts on flight tickets for users.

To participate, users must create a goal for flight tickets on the Multipl app and invest for 2-6 months. This gets them a flat 7.5% saving on flight bookings via  MakeMyTrip. The users must create the flight ticket goal before February 10, 2023.  The savings can start from Rs 10,000 and the minimum saving period is from 2 months.

In the offer, users can invest a specific amount for 2- 6 months on the app and earns investment returns on their savings.  If they want to buy a ticket, they can convert their goal investment to a gift card from Make My Trip with a 7.5%. In addition, one can also earn investment returns on flight ticket plans and native offers(non-bank) from Make My Trip will apply.

This offer ensures that one can plan for flight tickets for vacations and festivals later this year, and get investment returns and discounts on plane tickets via Make My Trip by investing in Multipl.

For instance, if a user wants to book her tickets to go home in August and flight tickets are estimated to cost Rs 20,000.  The user can create a goal of Rs 18,000 for 6 months and invest Rs 3000 per month. This could translate to Rs 350 in investment returns and Rs 1350 as MMT co-investment benefits, giving the user a discount of Rs 1700.

Talking about the offer, Paddy Raghavan, Co-Founder, of Multipl said “ The collaboration with MakeMyTrip helps Multipl users plan and save smart for their travels. It will ensure people can save up and plan better for their trips and not fall into the debt trap. We are looking forward to helping more Indians travel guilt and debt free on vacations and trips all through the year.”

Multipl has also partnered with MakeMyTrip to provide additional savings on holidays, hotels and other MMT offerings. The travel with Make My trip goal offers up to 10% savings on bookings.

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