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The doctor said such a thing, the man kept hiding the secret even from his wife for three years


“In 2015, my wife and I were on our way to the hospital for a baby. One day what I found out was the end of my world. My biggest dream was to be a father. But the doctor’s refusal broke me. He Told that there is no sperm in my urethra. After that I cried bitterly in front of my wife for several days.

Just as being a mother is the greatest happiness in the world for a woman, in the same way becoming a father is not less than a blessing for a man. In fact, the child is sometimes seen as a social prestige for men and if for some reason a man is unable to become a father, then it is considered a curse. He starts feeling his existence incomplete. Just as a woman gets taunted for not being able to become a mother, similarly a man is also humiliated in the society. In fact, many times this situation becomes more frightening for men than for women.

Something happened with David Hodge, a resident of New South Wales, Australia, when the doctor told him that his semen did not contain sperm and he could never become a father. He hid this truth from the world for three years because of fear and embarrassment. After facing many kinds of mental stress and pressure, he finally accepted this and changed his attitude towards life.

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